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Safer, Smarter and Greener Arctic Road Transport


A high level seminar on important topics for development of the road transport took place in Saariselkä, Finnish Lappland, on 11-13 January 2017

NDPTL started the New Year 2017 by gathering decision makers, developers, innovators, business and academic representatives in order to look into most recent trends in transport development and share ideas on how to make road transport in the Arctic safer, smarter and greener. The approach was based on the assumption that what works in the Arctic climate, does also work elsewhere.

Mr. Jari Partanen (State Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland), Mr. Antti Vehviläinen (Director General, Finnish Transport Agency) and Mr. Peter Vis (Adviser for Director General Henrik Hololei, DG MOVE, European Commission) delivered key note speeches, stressing the growing importance of the Northern region and its transport system for the global transport networks.

During the seminar panel discussions were held on the following topics:
• Traffic safety
• Decarbonisation
• Smart, automated and digitalised transport
• Arctic transport infrastructure


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