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NDPTL Logo files

The logos provided below for the convenience of the media and any other stakeholders may be freely reproduced, given that the source is mentioned. NDPTL's logo can be used without the text "Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics ", or with the text in English. The logos can be found in blue and white backgrounds.

 Logos without text 700*199px  Logos with text 700*199px
ndptl_logo_blue_no_slogan.jpg (33.7 kt) ndptl_logo_blue.jpg (48.9 kt )
ndptl_logo_blue_no_slogan.png (33.5 kt) ndptl_logo_blue.png (43.7 kt )
ndptl_logo_white_no_slogan.jpg (36.1 kt) ndptl_logo_white.jpg (47.6 kt )
ndptl_logo_white_no_slogan.png (10.9 kt) ndptl_logo_white.png (39 kt)