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Structure and Management

The Partnership is managed by the following three-level institutional set-up, composed of the relevant transport policy and decision makers:

High Level Meeting
High Level Meetings take strategic decisions on the future development and priorities of the partnership. It may be held at the level of ministers responsible for transport and infrastructure. For the high level meetings decisions please browse here.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee consists of senior officials appointed by the Parties to the Partnership. The Steering Committee monitors the implementation of the partnership and ensures that the objectives are met and the agreed projects and measures are carried out as planned. To do this, the group currently develops tools and agrees on common methodologies and master plans for identifying and prioritising transport and logistics projects within the Northern Dimension area. The committee also assesses and identifies bottlenecks, proposals and priorities for projects and measures with the goal of removing the obstacles. The Steering Committee decides on expert-level working groups or task forces that involve all or some of the partners. When needed, these groups investigate technical issues in more detail.

Working Groups
Working Groups consist of expert officials, discuss specific technical issues and prepare proposals for the SC. Currently, an Infrastructure Working Group has been established.

The Secretariat is an oversight body for the partnership. The Secretariat provides administrative and technical support to the work of the Partnership and acts as the cooperation coordinator between the members of the Partnership, international financial institutions (IFIs), and any other relevant stakeholders.