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Transport networks

With the five identified major transport axes, the EU builds up transport cooperation with the neighbouring countries in various formats. One of those formats - encompassing Northern Dimension Policy, Neighbourhood Policy and TEN-T policies - is NDPTL.

The Northern Axis is a backbone of the NDPTL network as it connects the EUMS and non-EU countries in the Northern Dimension area. Transport networks in the ND area consist of different infrastructure regimes, where the most pressing problems are at the external EU border with Russia and Belarus. Those countries also have a considerable need for expanding and modernising their transport infrastructure.

For a workable transport system in the whole ND area it is important that the national transport networks of the ND countries are interlinked not only within EU but also have their continuations in Norway, Russia and Belarus and vice versa. Therefore, the definition of the core networks also in Russia and Belarus is necessary to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of the transport regional network in the ND area and of the traffic in these networks.